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Most dangerous cities in europe 2022

most dangerous cities in europe 2022 most dangerous cities in europe 2022 on July 4, 2022 on July 4, 2022.

2021. 11. 26. · To determine which cities in the United States are the most dangerous, we compiled data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and viewed each city’s violent crime rate. Violent crimes include: murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assaults. Only cities with populations of 100,000 people or more were considered for the list. 2021. 10. 20. · The average temperature, including overnight lows, was 108.1°F. For four days in a row, the daily highs hit a temperature of 127°F, it’s the highest recorded temperature. A band of settlers lost here in the winters around 1849.

2021. 12. 17. · A NEW study has revealed the most dangerous countries in the world - with the lowest risk destinations all being in Europe. Research conducted by International SOS found the most dangerous place.

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Belarus. 2,049,000. 58.34. 41.66. 1. Bradford, United Kingdom. Our list of the most dangerous cities in Europe starts with a city that is currently located in the United Kingdom. Bradford, which has a 69.45 crime index, is the riskiest city in all of Europe. The main causes of crime in Bradford are drugs, prostitution, and violent crimes.. 2001 ford e350 box truck value. The Kingdom-centric Marketplace.

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Nov 08, 2019 · 1 Marseille, France. Marseille is a port city located in the southern part of France. This city has been a major trading point for centuries. The majority of the crimes that happen here are petty including theft, mugging, and pickpocketing. The crime index is at a high rate due to the low presence of police officers..

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